3”x 6” pencil texture drawing in my Drawing class of peppermint growing over where we buried our cat Samson.

One of my larger chiaroscuro projects in Drawing class

Done in charcoal and took about 12 hours.

Wow I haven’t uploaded here in a while

Time to fix that and upload my college drawing arts

Belated Birthday art for my friend Jenny.

My tablet refused to work for me so I made this in copics instead.

Something I’m working on before class starts.

…What the fuck am I drawing?

Happy Belated Easter art







Because my house is basically City Hall in Bunnytopia….not even kidding.

I was gonna do cards with Gumball, Marshall, and Finn, but then college. So here’s this instead.

This is kinda late, but I had to do this. It’s the Speed Stick Super Bowl commercial guy. [x]

Happy Valentine’s Day guys!

More Marshall Lee and Gumball

So I drew a thing in my notebook. I really don’t watch the show, but I found that I like drawing these two.